What’s your fancy for 2021?

What’s your fancy for 2021?

What’s your fancy for 2021? I’m sure will see a change of the food and drink that we will want to keep us mentally and physically at our best. Our behaviours are also changing rapidly, with lots of people realising what is important to us leading us to different attitudes.


Most people are choosing low (NOT, NO ;)) alcohol beverages. Lots of flavoured alcohol around today which people enjoy as a treat and not as ‘booze up’. Nice coffee, hot chocolate and flavoured teas are readily available to us in the supermarket and on line, some having healthy qualities.

Dine in!

With limited ‘dine out’ availability, we are more adventurous cooking at home, willing to try new things! Researching recipes with lots of people taking advantage of Letter box drops, from salted brownies to cheese boards!

Dressing the table for special meals and date nights is becoming an important ritual for many couples, no matter what the food offering. 

Social Media help!

Social media platforms have allowed great home cooks to share what they are up to in the kitchen and people are now searching for the ingredients to make the foods that they are not so familiar with a part of their daily and weekly lives. Turning to social media and search engines for recipes, sourcing unusual ingredients to be home delivered or just for the inspiration.

Returning trends – what’s your fancy for 2021

Pickling and fermenting is becoming popular, homemade pasta, sourdough and creating individual desserts and snacks for us to celebrate our milestones with a smaller circle. We are also seeing the return of home brewing, wines and beers can be made using pre-determined kits as well as hedgerow pickings. Alcohols are also being home flavoured from the original Rumtopf of seasonal fruit added along with sugar during the year, people now buy Gin and Vodka to flavour with their favourite fruit  which takes only weeks and not months.

What’s your fancy for 2021, enjoy it, rejoice it and make the most of it!

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