What is in a curry – Herbs and Spices?

We use several spices in our curry kits, the dishes will all ask for a different blend of herbs and spices. Herbs and Spices are equally important to the flavour and the texture of your dish and the point of including them needs consideration. Are you using them for taste, texture, or garnish?

Common herbs and spices

The most used spices in a curry recipe would be dried, powdered Coriander, Garam Masala, Turmeric, Cumin and of course the good old Chilli Powder, while the common herbs are Coriander, Mint leaves, Curry leaves, Basil and Parsley. There are of course many more herbs and spices used in curry recipes. Authentic dishes depend on the region that the dish is produced will dictate the blend of spices used, however, in our restaurants and take-away outlets, they will use their own chosen recipe and you will eventually find your favourite place to eat in your area.

Home made curry

Home made curry can be made easy by using curry spice kits, pastes and jars, it is a personal choice usually depending on the time available and the skill of the cook. The great thing when you create your own curry is that you know what is included in the finished dish, this in turn can be incorporated into specific dietary needs of you, your family and friends.

Making it real

Dressing your table can be equally important to your finished dish! Traditionally, the table would have a number of dishes served where you would choose small amounts of each dish, there are no starters as we know them but a number of ‘side dishes’ to be eaten all at the same time on the same plate but in small quantities with the ability re-fill your platter and it would typically be a family meal.

Happy cooking, take-away or restaurant and enjoying your curries!

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