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What is your favourite spice kit?

There are so many spices to choose from, it is not just about heat. Our Curry spice kits can have anything from four to twelve different spices included and making them up can produce an interesting colour blend!

Cardamoms are highly aromatic, can be used in savoury and sweet dishes, expensive by weight, next in line to saffron!

Nutmeg is also used in both savoury and sweet dishes although not in great quantities as it is quite pungent.

Aromatic spices serve their purpose including star anise, fennel seeds, cinnamon and cloves, these are used in the more fragrant curries and in rice.

When we look at the heat element of a curry we always think about chillies (of which there are numerous types with different heat levels, called the Scoville scale), do not overlook paprika, pepper, cayenne. Ginger can also enhance the heat of a dish.

The good earthy spices such as coriander, garam masala, fennel and fenugreek are great base spices for any curry along with cumin and turmeric.

Paprika is known for its colour and taste which can come with heat, extremely hot or even smoked.

Mango powder, tamarind, lemon and lime are great souring agents used in lots of curry dishes and some of our curry spice kits.

Our new Thai range has introduced us to new spices, lots for the aromatics such as kaffir lime leaves, caraway seeds, lemon grass, they also use dried red chillies that are deseeded. These curries use coconut milk and fish sauce to give them that distinguished Thai flavour. Yellow mild(ish) Red is medium heat and the Green is hot!

Conclusion from Craving Curries and our spice kits

We love spices! Blending them to make perfect curry spice kits. Making our volcanic blends e.g. Vindaloo and our lovely mild Makhani perfect for the whole family!

To be honest, in our day to day home cooking, cumin is our most used spice and the most versatile but if I’m honest fenugreek leaves are the best especially in a Butter Chicken!

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