Making Mother’s Day a spicy special for you both in 2021.

Give your Mum the best Mother’s Day possible in 2021

(14th March! Put it in your diary 😊)

How do you feel about cooking something amazing for your mum this Mother’s Day?

We are all limited to the number of things we can do this year so whether we can see our Mums in person, by facetime or even just a phone call, we can still celebrate everything she does and stands for in our family.

Here are some suggestions for your Mother’s Day:

Lots of card companies can send a personalised card direct to her with your message for Mother’s day.

The usual, sending flowers via a popular florist operating in your area is always a winner too!

If Mum lives close to you, how about baking chilli chocolate brownies and dropping them at her door or what about cooking her favourite meal and taking it to her?

If Mum is not so close, how about you both celebrate while cooking and eating an identical meal, with an identical table set up and connect through facetime for a chat, this will make it a year to remember.

Craving Curries are offering a big 30% off everything in the store to help you make this the best day possible.

You can order your Curry Spice Kits to be delivered to 2 different addresses (Just use the message box at the checkout) You can also order our Balti serving dishes to decorate both tables.

We are currently offering free P&P and have our own gift tags for a personal message from you.

We have spicy gift packs, spices for hot drinks, individual spices from around the world and some accessories for you to browse in our store.

There is nothing quite as nice as a homemade/baked gift but if that’s not an option, to share a meal remotely together would be quite something.

If you do not have the remote option, try sending photo’s or even make a recording and share at a later day.

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