It’s all about Rice!

All about rice!

Lots of different rice types and tastes! Basmati, white, brown, jasmine, sticky the choice is yours! we have some great selections to help you but there are plenty more which you can find in places like BBC good food

Our curry spice kits demand a great compliment the dish

Add cardamom and clove while steaming/boiling. Remove before serving.

What about Yellow?
Adding a pinch of Turmeric while steaming/boiling.
This will not alter the taste of the rice just the colour, giving you beautiful sunshine colour!

Saffron for a little bit of colour and aroma.
Soak a few strands of Saffron in a couple of tablespoons of warm water while your cooking.
Once cooked splash the Saffron and water over and cover until ready to serve.

Colour for impact!
It’s a simple trick to create your colourful Rice. Using food colouring usually yellow and green.
Use a few drips of each colour across the pan and leave to soak in! 

Tasty! Fry sliced onion until brown without burning. Add your rice, bay leaf, small cinnamon stick and a clove and fry for a couple of minutes.
Either stream or boil your rice as you normally would removing the leaf, cinnamon and clove before serving.

Of course it can become the main part of your dish such as Kedgeree or Biryani

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