Is the Chilli Chocolate Combination for you?

Drink or Eat?

Chilli Chocolate is not as controversial as it was some years ago, this fusion of flavours are a perfect match!

Any Chilli Con Carne worth its name will have dark chocolate added, once you get the right combination there is no alternative!

Two completely different tastes combined does sound a bit odd but getting the right quantities together is a perfect sensation whether it is in food or drink.

Hot Chocolate with that special heat! A drink served at celebrations by the Aztecs a long time ago, so is been around for some time now!

Blending dark chocolate with ancho, chilli peppers and cinnamon would create one of the first fusion bars. They use dark as in enhances the taste, whereby milk chocolate would overwhelm.

Available to us now is good quality bars of 70% Cacao & Chilli and Hot drinks with the spiced drinking powder, also perfect for cake making.

The Mexican tradition for this Hot drink would be a breakfast wake me up treat!

Did you know that the combination has been around for 2000 years!

We are in 2021, we have new Food and Drink trends. Some of us are coming back to comfort foods and drinks because the last year has been difficult to say the least.

Introducing our comfort food in a sensible way is necessary!

We are all very aware of the environment and looking for less packaging and recycle abilities, using top up packs using re-usable tubs and jars.

We love trying different tastes and food and hope you enjoy experiencing now flavours in 2021!

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