How to Diet in 2021? Plant Based?

We are trying the Plant-based flexitarian diet in 2021!

What does that mean for us?

Why are we trying the flexitarian plant-based diet?  Health benefits are paramount, immunity boosters are what most of are striving for in 2021, foods that benefit our mental health would be great, weight loss would be good. It is hopefully good for the environment!

As general meat eater, this plant based flexitarian diet means that we do not have to chastise ourselves for what we eat. That’s a bonus!

There is a guidance we took from ‘Healthline’ means that you should drop your meat and fish proteins gradually. Look to have 2 – 3 plant-based meals per week and increase them as you see fit. Occasional meat, fish and dairy would be the preferred outcome as a lifestyle choice.

Where are we now?

Small changes are already happening!  Eating Muesli with almond milk for breakfast is a start!

Excited that we have already tried to create:

Vegetable Pakora, Soup, Three bean chilli, falafel and hummus that we are happy to share with you on our recipe page.

Masala Dal and Vegetable Green Thai Curry – Visit our shop for the spice kits.

Snacks have included: Fruit, Nuts & seeds (shop bought), Homemade Roasted Spiced Chickpeascheck out our recipe page!

Indulgent Treats include: A well-known 80% dark chocolate (shop bought), Craving Curries own ‘Damn Hot Chocolate’ – Visit our shop for your indulgent Hot Chocolate Spice Kit.

We would love to create new recipes along the way and to understand how to diet in 2021. Would be great to hear r from our followers, sharing your recipes, photographs, and tips by our contact us form, email or social media. and we are looking forward to share our healthy behaviours as they develop and hopefully some weight loss from the 2020 increase.

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