Healthy Diets for 2021

What will your Healthy Diets be for 2021 and how can Craving Curries help?

There are lots of potential healthy diets for 2021, some are sponsored and some are self-driven. The details below are from my own experience and my own research. You should always consult your GP before changing your lifestyle and diet.


One of the new Healthy diets for 2021 is Low Carb High Fat! Plenty Butter Chicken going on there! Lots of full-fat yoghurt and cream! Most of our curry recipes ask you to add cream or yoghurt, some even butter so in the case of Keto diet, it’s full-fat all the way. Fatty Meat can be used especially if using a slow cooker, this gives you a better option for using cheaper cuts making your curry night even kinder on the wallet.

Without eating any rice, pasta, potatoes or breads you can still enjoy a host of dishes sweet and savoury. Perfect if you love cheese, cream, olives, dark chocolate etc.

Keeping it all high fat satisfies your hunger for longer and you may also find that you automatically start to fast which will speed up your weight loss. You don’t need to restrict calories either but drinking lots of water is an absolute.


For many low-fat diets there are no foods that are disallowed. You can enjoy fruit, vegetables meat and fish however unlike the Keto diet, you must always choose the ‘low-fat/no-fat’ options of the above. Our curry spice kits are however very versatile and can easily cope with the low-fat options without loosing any of the taste.

You are able to compliment your curry night with boiled rice or small amount of plain Naan. Butter can be supplemented with veg spreads.

One tip for cooking with low/no-fat ingredients is that they will not thicken in the same way, so you need less volume of liquid or a thickening agent to create that perfect sauce or gravy.

Plant-Based Flexitarian Diet?

New to me! is this the Healthy Diet for 2021?

Well, this looks interesting, this diet is about introducing new foods and not excluding anything. It is plant based for a high percentage of your week but allows you to have the meat fix without guilt. This means you can enjoy our curry spice kits in specific days of the week, using vegetables or grains on certain days and meat on the others.

You are encouraged to eat wholemeal breads, rice and pasta so that’s still allowing you to have your real rice with your curry and maybe a wholemeal Naan bread.

This might be one that we try throughout January and we can keep you posted on how we get on!

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