Frisky February!

February for family!

The main event for most couples will be February 14th Valentine’s Day! Even the younger ones celebrate this by making beautiful cards at school and nursery to give to Mum or Dad.

Also in February, with our Valentines Day Celebration we can all enjoy ‘Pancake day’ (shrove Tuesday) and many more February celebration’s found here

Frisky February Valentines day!

The month of February is still cold, the days are still short so it is really easy to create that romantic feeling. Closing the curtains with a roaring fire great food and hopefully a glass of something nice and cold, or if you prefer, something warm and sensual! What is more prominent this year is that we do not have the option to eat out for that special day!

We are all busy creating time to make the best food we can at home. You should consider the food that we can afford and what is within our personal cooking capabilities.

Best Time for Romance

This year February Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, for most of us it is a weekend and a day off! Maybe a little extra time in bed, maybe even breakfast in bed as that special treat?

We can all go for a walk in the fresh air; it is nice to spend some time with daylight and fresh air after the long couple of months of short days and long nights.

Cooking together for that special day is a great idea, plan out your meal and who will contribute which part of it, make it as special as you can, make it at home as fresh as is possible, full flavours to satisfy your soul after the walk in the cold.

Set the scene; arrange this special time when the kids are in bed or you have done all your weekend chores so you can relax. Set the fire, arrange the lamps or candles, and make up a beautiful table to eat from, dust down those special glasses that you keep for ‘best’ a little flower arrangement might be a nice touch.

Make your food fuss free, from the prep to the tidy up! Prepare in advance if need be. One pot meals are a good idea so long as they are full of flavour! Using herbs spices and seasonings to warm things up a bit would be a good idea; it can certainly make a ‘Hot pot’ into something else!

Some great ideas for perfect one pot dishes:

  • Indian Curry cooked in the slow cooker with a nice white rice steamed with black cardamom.
  • Moroccan spiced dishes slow cooked and served with couscous.
  • One Pot spicy Cajun chicken with rice, peppers etc. cooked in one pot.

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