Food celebrations for 2021

Food celebrations for 2021! Every month we can join in with starting with:

1 – 31st January brings ‘Veganuary

Food celebrations for 2021 will begin with Veganuary!. Veganuary has inspired and supported more and more people to try vegan for January – and if you enjoy it maybe for longer! Why not try out our vegan curry spice kits, Chickpea, Dal in particular but most of the others in the range are vegan friendly and with a few swaps will create a fantastic dish any day of the week, enjoyed with Basmati rice or another side dish of your choice joining in the Food Events in 2021.

5th February is World Nutella

World Nutella® Day is new to us! We had no idea this is becoming so popular with people sharing and spreading the wonder of that lovely nutty chocolate spread. Try it on toast with a few chilli flakes to spice it up a bit.

8th – 14th March comes World Salt awareness week

Lots of people add salt to all savoury food to add flavour without even tasting it but there are many other ways to enhance the flavours using herbs and spices! Our curry spice kits DO NOT include any salt, sugar or artificial ingredients.

21st April introduces National Tea Day!

As the favourite drink of the day it is no wonder it has its own national day!. Locally to us in Carlisle and also on line is John Watt & Son These guys have 55 different types of loose leaf tea, including black teas, green teas and herbal teas! So many different types to choose from!

11 – 17th may is Coeliac Awareness Week

Probably an relatively unknown condition until quite recently I’m pleased that there is so much awareness for the general public. This can be quite debilitating to sufferers rendering them unable to take in the nutrients they need. Because of some of the symptoms it can make going away from home quite worrying about where the nearest bathroom may be! The treatments include a gluten free diet which is where our curry spice kits can become a friendly addition to the family kitchen. Its certainly recognised more these days which is why our curry spice kits are Gluten Free.

12th June – Falafel Day is included in the Food Events Around the world in 2021

Food celebrations for 2021 in June. The main ingredients appear to be chickpeas however there are a number of healthy spices required to make this fantastic dish amazing including garlic, cumin coriander and cayenne pepper and many more!

July will bring us the Great British Pea Week!

Did you know we have a Great British Pea Week? I’m hoping this is somehow a support for the UK famers. We can offer you our Free Recipe for Methi Matar Malai on our recipe page

August thankfully brings us National Prosecco Day

Exciting news! It’s National Prosecco Day on August 13th! We can’t wait for this celebration popping open a lovely bottle of bubbles in an official capacity. After the tough 2020/2021, if we ever needed an excuse its now – let’s all enjoy our favourite fizz and raise a toast! We love Prosecco with our Saturday night curries.

Organic September!

By following organic principles, agricultural emissions could drop considerably, with plenty to feed the growing population healthy diets. It is one of our ambitions to produce organic Craving Curries spice kits, fingers crossed we can achieve this in 2021!

October is our Month with National Curry Week!

2020 has been a strange year on many levels but if you don’t fancy heading out why not celebrate National Curry Week from your own home! If you need a hand with this then drop over to our shop to see what we have in our store to help you do just that!

3rd November brings us World Sandwich Day

Most people like familiar, popular sandwiches including BLT, Salad with ham and cheese and of course egg and tomato. There are a variety of sandwiches out there in the world. Our favourites are usually spice based meat but to be fair you can’t beat a fish finger sandwich in white bread!

December brings not quite the obvious!

Who would imagine English Breakfast day!

We believe that international English Breakfast Day helps spread the word of the English breakfast tradition internationally, supporting local chefs, food producers and businesses. Locally to us we have Hallsford Farm Products and Steven Wilson Butchers. we also use these guys for our Saturday night Curry nights.

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