Easy Flat Bread

What can be easier to make than this tasty recipe for flat bread!

Perfect served warm with Falafel, hummus and a range of healthy snacks like goats cheese filled peppers, olives and cheeses.

Making your own bread is really satisfying, love the smell too! This recipe is so easy, takes no more than 30 minutes and that includes the standing time of twenty minutes!

You can easily add herbs and spices of your choice, a drop of garlic and chopped coriander will give you something very similar to a good naan bread. It will also give you a great Pizza base, adding your favourite pizza toppings and off to the oven for 20 minutes! Perfect for children young and old to try, making it fun will keep the ‘Fakeaway’ happening.

To create your Flat Bread

Mix 250g self rising flour & 200g Greek yoghurt together to make a dough. (Add to this any spices or herbs you fancy.)
Put to one side for 20 mins.
Divide the dough into 6 or 8 (depending on the size you want) and roll out.
Fry in a dry pan until you see bubbles then turn.
These will store for a couple of days but perfect served warm with Falafel and hummus 

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