Did you know? Curry on for Fun!

Curry On for Fun!

Fun facts about curry include:

The word ‘curry’ is from the South-Asian word Kori, which is a sauce with cooked meat or fish. This could identify with the reason back in my hometown of Hartlepool it is pronounced as ‘Kerry’

Curry was served for the first time that we know of in the 1800’s in a London restaurant. Curry has now become one of the UK favourite dishes.

The Guinness Book of World Records recorded the biggest curry dish in the world in 2015!

They quote “The largest curry weighs 15.34 tonnes (33,838.9 lb) and was achieved by the Indian Chefs and Culinary Association (Singapore), in Singapore, on 1 August 2015”.

Over 12000 Curry houses now exist in the UK which proves how much we enjoy the spicy food.

Phal is possibly the hottest known curry in the world. According to The Diplomat Phall is considered the hottest curry in the world, and indeed it may be the spiciest food overall. It generally uses ten different peppers – ranging from the comparatively mild habanero and scotch bonnet (both 100,000 to 350,000 Scoville units) to the weaponized bhut jolokia

There is a dish in the USA called  Country Captain Chicken. This is a stewed chicken dish flavoured with curry powder.

Queen Elizabeth II had her coronation banquet in 1953 and the now, well known sandwich/jacket potato filling was created in her honour, we deliver to you ‘\coronation Chicken’!

So many curry dishes and so many accompaniments to choose from and recently we seem to be willing to ‘have a go’ at home and make our own ‘Curry On for Fun’ 

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