Well, what about Covid 19! Did you Curry on through covid-19

There we were 23rd March, what do the next few months look like? Very confused, so much uncertainty we just know something big is happening! Will we see zombie-like scenes in the streets and what about my children, grandchildren, and parents? What did you think and what was your worry? We shopped for our elderly parents all the way through and the children and their family when they needed to isolate. Apart from going to the day job, the only thing I think we missed was visiting and contact with the close family. (Clearly we are not so sociable ?) and we certainly had lots of curry on in covid-19

How did it work out?

The lockdown broke so many small businesses but here at Craving Curries we were surprised to see how many people were ‘craving curries’ and prepared to create their own dishes in their own home using our curry spice kits. Feedback was amazing and our sales doubled, while we removed the cost of P&P and even put some kits on sale to help everyone get their curry fix at a great price.


We had space to concentrate on the Thai curry spice kits. Thanks to my sister in law Sasima or ‘Happy Sassy Food’ on Instagram as she is known, she had given me some authentic family Thai recipes to adapt to our own curry spice kits. The lockdown gave us that chance! To create, trial and produce our Thai range which is working out really well, thanks Sas!

What else!

Our daughter Abi and now son in law Marc managed to get married on the 3rd November 2020 after several date changes including May 20/lockdown, Nov21st/Lockdown, Nov 3rd/ amazing Wedding day! This was arranged with 1-day notice (we already had some of the dresses etc from the May let down) The day went without a hiccup with the important 15 people in their life!

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