A Great Curry Recipe

A great curry recipe is one of those recipes that us home cooks should have up their sleeves.   If you have ever been asked to bring something along to a function or meal you can’t beat a good Masala Dal with some tasty Naan bread!

I usually bring this for several reasons; firstly, you really can please everyone from Vegan, gluten free (coeliac) to full on eat anything hungry boots. Obviously, we always have the ingredients to hand for most curries but for this one apart from our curry spice kit needs very little ‘other ingredients’ meaning I don’t have to go hunting the supermarket for the ingredients or sending Rich out for the shopping. All we need is split lentils, salt, onion, oil, garlic, ginger, green chilies, butter and lemon juice which I and most home cooks have in the cupboard and apart from that it is easy to make too!

Have you ever noticed people wandering around the spice aisles with blank stares or checking on their phone or list for what they need and probably ‘what does that even look like’ face. I have competitions at my workplace for them to guess the spice either by looking or by smell! Mace was a fun one and also black cardamoms, not many knew about those little monsters. I’m lucky to have a husband who can navigate himself around the supermarket without having to check in with me to make sure he gets the right things, I think I’ll keep him :)! We both have a good understanding of the range of spices and even run the background of ones we don’t currently use….just in case! Its how we started our love of spices and it became our Saturday date night creating our own food then sitting together in our lovely warm home often with friends and family enjoying a cosy night in with great home cooked food.

The second reason this makes a great dish to take is because it looks fantastic, you can make lots for a small amount of money so there will always be enough to go round and you will be popular!

Last but not least, it tastes amazing and can be reheated easily. Everyone loves it. It will go with any dish. No frills, just a good old curry packed with flavour. It’s a healthy one too!

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