We Are Craving Curries

At Craving Curries we are passionate about our curries and would like to share the experience with you!

Each curry spice kit comes with our step-by-step guide, which allows you to have fun creating our twist on an authentic Indian curry which has all the flavour without any additives – you know what goes in it!


Free Curry Recipes

Every Curry Spice Kit we sell has a matching recipe included. We also provide a number of recipes for side dishes, condiments and more online.

Curry Tales

Stay up-to-date with the latest from our blog.

Our Curry Spice Kits:

  • are unique, created by us
  • can be cooked in the time that a takeaway can be ordered and delivered (some need a little preparation) and at a fraction of the cost.
  • are restaurant-quality, yet some are rarely found in restaurants
  • are filled with the finest, freshest ingredients, and in the quantities just right for the accompanying step-by-step recipe
"Just made homemade curry with my Fragrant beef spice kit! Easy A-B-C packets and recipe instructions that makes the novice cooks like myself create dishes that smell and taste amazing!"

– James Walker

"Fast service for delivery and best spice mixes I have had, they made great curries everytime!"

– Annette Dixon